A server is considered as already configured when it has a "config" directory. When the "config" directory doesn't exist, templates will be used to generate all configuration files (config and datasources). The template files contain defined parameters such as $ {sample.parameter}. Values for parameters replacement are calculated this way:

Server Settings and Templates | Virtualmin Templates can apply to any type of domain user account. The current types are: "Top-level virtual servers", which are standard virtual host accounts; "Sub-servers", which are virtual hosts that belong to a top-level virtual server, and appears within the "domains" directory of the top-level server home directory; "Alias servers" are servers that, generally, simply forward web and mail to an Server Security Baseline Standard 9.1 users. The steps outlined in this document are the minimum security measures that should be applied to any server. Additional steps would be required depending on the server function and the content residing on that server. 2. Audience. This policy applies to all organizations and … Server Documentation Template - SYDI Server Documentation Template. Not many system administrators purr like a cat when tasked with network documentation. Starting off from scratch doesn’t make things much better. It’s perfectly natural to consult a guide if you’re about to do something you don’t do often. Part of the network documentation project is deciding what you need

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Gen: Conditional Document Generation Using Document Rules How-to for using Document Rules in Gen templates to automatically apply the correct template, based on Salesforce fields. For instance, Gen templates that have ve

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Configuration and content storage and IOPS are the base layer that you must plan for in every SharePoint Server deployment. Configuration storage and IOPS. Storage requirements for the Configuration database and the Central Administration content database are not large. 4. Configuration Management Policy Template 1 8 5. Configuration Management Organization Charts Template 2 11 6. Software Configuration Management Plan Template 3 15 7. Procedures for Performing Software Configuration Management Template 4 23 8. Procedure for Performing Software Configuration Identification Temple 5 27 9. Sep 08, 2014 · The tool, continued in Windows Server 2012, can record and document important activities for client- and server-side systems. It creates a library of recordings that staff can refer to when they tackle important setup and configuration activities. A while back, I did some work for a UK government agency to install and configure an application on a linux server, and they provided a standard template which had sections for various configuration items, which presumably they could lodge in some Document management system. Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of the sections.