Jan 20, 2020

Drag up for fullscreen Staying safe online - YC Hertfordshire This leaflet about staying safe on social media and online is by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and is in an easy to read format. How to keep safe online. The Little Guide to Passwords. Watch this video about how to create a password that's too … Staying Safe Online Guide - Netsafe – Providing free From buying groceries to organising get togethers – being online is a big part of how we live. Its impact has been profoundly positive, helping us overcome physical distance and allowing us to share worldwide, but there are risks too. This Staying Safe Online Guide helps everyone have better online experiences across many different platforms.

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Staying Safe. Safety techniques to stay safe while getting Staying Safe Online. If you are living with an abuser or know your perpetrator, the safest way to look for resources online is to use a computer that the abuser cannot access, such as a public terminal at a library, community center, or sexual violence advocacy organization.

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Being Smart, Staying Safe Online - Advocates for Youth Dec 17, 2017 10 Tips for Staying Safe When Playing Online Video Games 10 Tips for Staying Safe When Playing Online Video Games . With online gaming growing year after year there are certain things that you should try to remember to help you to stay safe when playing online. There are several aspects of online gaming you need to evaluate before logging into any site that provides video games.