How to delete your Yahoo account in five easy steps

How to delete all email on Yahoo Mail or archive it Yahoo provides a one-click tool for doing this, which is generally more efficient than deleting, since you don't need to scroll, select, and delete more than once. 1. Open Yahoo Mail in a web browser. How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account Permanently - iGeeksBlog Jun 24, 2020 How to Close Yahoo Email on an iPad | Your Business

"According to [Yahoo], my account should have been deleted by the end of December -- but I received yet another 'unexpected sign-in attempt' email (from South Korea, as usual) on Feb. 1," he said.

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May 07, 2020 · Delete Yahoo Account Before you proceed to permanently delete Yahoo mail, you should understand that other services such as Flickr, Yahoo Messenger, and My Yahoo are connected to it. By deactivating Yahoo mail, you’re also giving up the right to use these associated products.