Jul 22, 2017 · The NetBIOS name is the same (more or less) than your actual Computer Name that you can define form its generic name, but all in caps (due to the limitation of NetBIOS). Modern OS in your network, will see the full computer name defined in the box.

windows - Resolving NETBIOS names from Linux - Unix In my case, I'm running an embedded linux system with about 10MB of free NAND storage space. I think the above answers are a bit misleading, suggesting that only libnss_winbind.so is necessary for other applications (non-Samba apps) to be able to resolve NetBIOS names.. Turns out its just a lightweight wrapper so that other programs can resolve NetBIOS with winbindd_request_response(). [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Change NetBios Name Dec 14, 2008 PfSense and connecting by Samba netbios names | Netgate Forum PfSense and connecting by Samba netbios names PfSense and connecting by Samba netbios names. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Strange thing is that I'm able to reach netbios name of the server and bridged VPN clients from WLAN interface, but not from LAN interface. What Ports Need To Be Open For Samba To Communicate With

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Jun 06, 2018 · We're going to make sure the name we use for Samba matches our hostname. There's one caveat to this. The issue is that if your hostname is longer than 15 characters, you will see errors. 7.3 Name Resolution with Samba. Before NetBIOS Name Servers (NBNS) came about, name resolution worked entirely by broadcast. If you needed a machine's address, you simply broadcast its name across the network and, in theory, the machine itself would reply.