A GRE-in-UDP tunnel offers the possibility of better performance for load-balancing GRE traffic in transit networks using existing Equal- Cost Multipath (ECMP) mechanisms that use a hash of the five-tuple of source IP address, destination IP address, UDP/TCP source port, UDP/TCP destination port, and protocol number.

With IPSec over TCP there is no room for negotiation like there is IPSec over UDP. IPSec over TCP packets are encapsulated from the start of the tunnel establishment cycle.This feature is available only for remote access VPN not for L2L tunnel. Also does not work with proxy-based firewall. Whereas IPSec over UDP, similar to NAT-T, is used to linux - Tunnel over UDP or TCP - Server Fault Is there a way to create something similar to an IPIP or GRE tunnel only over UDP or TCP? I have a GRE tunnel between two servers and I noticed that sometimes it starts to drop packets. At the same time if I ping between servers over the internet I have no problems. I believe this is a traffic shaping problem form my provider (It does not take GitHub - wangyu-/udp2raw-tunnel: A Tunnel which Turns UDP finalspeed is a tcp connection speed-up program similiar to kcptun,it speeds-up tcp connection by using kcp protocol on-top of udp or tcp.but its tcp mode doesnt support openvz,you can bypass this problem if you use udp2raw+finalspeed together,and icmp mode also becomes avaliable.

OpenVPN is a robust and highly flexible tunneling application that uses all of the encryption, authentication, and certification features of the OpenSSL library to securely tunnel IP networks over a single TCP/UDP port.

Cloudflare Spectrum | Accelerate traffic and prevent DDoS The Internet is more than the web. It comprises many other TCP/ UDP applications that have the same fundamental needs as web services – speed, security, and reliability. Cloudflare Spectrum is a reverse proxy product that extends the benefits of Cloudflare to all TCP/UDP applications. Question on two-way UDP flow over an SSH TCP tunnel

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Since we're tunelling, there's no difference between a TCP datagram lost on the open internet and a TCP datagram lost in a TCP tunnel or a TCP datagram lost in a UDP tunnel. All will be retransmitted. A problem with UDP tunnels are that they're stateless, this makes it harder to secure at the firewall. SipTunnel SipTunnel is client-server application used to tunnel SIP and RTP datagrams over single TCP channel. How it works. Softphone should be configured to connect to SipTunnel client instead of SIP-server. SIP and RTP packets from softphone are send normally, over UDP, to SipTunnel client. For softphone it looks like normal SIP server. #364 (UDP over IPv6 packet fragementation calculation It seems that openVPN 2.3.2 fragmentation calculations when using UDP over IPv6 transport are incorrect resulting in oversize packets being passed to the network stack for transmission (initially mentioned in a comment added to bug #348).The problem does not occur when tunnel transport is using UDP over IPv4 on the same equipment and path.