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Feb 08, 2018 · Qwant is a private search engine based in Europe that “ never tries to guess who you are or what you are doing.” According to its About page, Qwant never records your searches and never uses your personal data for advertising or other purposes. Qwant has a feature similar to DuckDuckGo’s !bangs which it calls Qwick search shortcuts. 10. DuckDuckGo is the most popular search engine in this list. DDG has always been vocal about Privacy and the best thing is their transparency. They don’t log your personal information like IP address so that keeps profiling and tracking out of sight. of private browsing mode. Other search engines track your searches even when you’re in private browsing mode. We don’t track you — period. Dismiss forever | Back to search. Already a fan? Invite friends to the Duck Side! Share DuckDuckGo and help friends take their privacy back! Oct 02, 2019 · You should consider switching to a private search engine. We’ll list some of the best private search engines in 2019. Keep your IP address and your searches to yourself, your privacy should be a priority while browsing. Top 5 Private Search Engines. The worst thing about Google is that they store all your browsing data. May 31, 2020 · DuckDuckGo. By far the best-known service that markets itself as a private search engine, DuckDuckGo is a powerful metasearch tool that gathers results from over 400 sources, including Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia. It is extremely popular, receiving about 14 million search queries a day. Best Private Search Engines Wolframalpha is 2nd most popular Web search engine after, Duckduckgo. It has almost similar features related to a standard Search engine. It provides well-formatted and arranged search results for the user.

17 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google

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May 27, 2016 · Top 5 Best Private Anonymous Search Engines These are very powerful and important anonymous search engines for those who might not want to be tracked him by someone else. Anonymous Search Engines are those type of search engines that did not store your any type of information and history or anything while using Internet.

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